SMS Alerts

SMS ALERTS provide patrons with optional mobile text messages as a supplement to printed/emailed courtesy, hold pickup, and overdue notices. They are not an entire detailed notice; they are text message "notices of a notice", and are not item-specific. Patrons who receive SMS alerts also receive the corresponding circulation notices, either printed or via email.

SMS ALERTS are optional; patrons opt-in through their opac accounts by entering their mobile numbers in a special new patron record field and accepting the Terms and Conditions of Service. Staff may also enter mobile numbers in this field but patrons must still opt-in.

The texts that patrons will receive are:

For courtesy notices:

Library items will soon be due. For more information please go to

For Overdue notices:

Library items are overdue. To renew eligible items please go to

For hold pickup notices:

Library items you requested are available for pick up. For more information please go to