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mabel the tooth fairy and how she got her job

Davis, Katie. Mabel the Tooth Fairy and how she got her job
Relates how Mabel Becaharuvic’s failure to brush or floss her own teeth turned her from an ordinary fairy into the Tooth Fairy.

a couple of boys have the best week ever

Frazee, Marlee. A Couple of boys have the best week ever
Friends James and Eamon enjoy a wonderful week at the home of Eamon’s grandparents during summer vacation.

froggy goes to the doctor

London, Jonathan. Froggy goes to the Doctor
Froggy isn’t looking forward to his check-up because he might get a shot. When it’s over, Dr. Mugwort is the one who dreads Froggy’s next visit.

a fairy in a dairy

Nolan, Lucy. A Fairy in a dairy
When the little town of Buttermilk Hollow acquires a fairy godmother, magical things involving dairy products start to occur.

goldie and the three hares

Palatini, Margie. Goldie and the three hares
When Goldilocks, running from the three bears, falls down a rabbit hole and hurts her foot, a family of hares tries to help but she proves to be a very loud, demanding, and tenacious guest.

pumpkin trouble

Thomas, Jan. Pumpkin trouble
When Duck decides to make a jack-o-lantern, he and his friends, Pig and Mouse, are in for a scary adventure.

hey pancakes

Weston, Tamson. Hey, pancakes!
The day gets off to a rough start, but soon the smell of pancakes fills the air, and a family gathers for a breakfast feast.

Grades 1 - 2
to the beach

Ashman, Linda. To the beach!
A family keeps forgetting the things they need to take to the beach.

lucky days with mr. and mrs. green

Baker, Keith. Lucky days with Mr. and Mrs. Green
Mr. and Mrs. Green, a loving alligator couple, try their hand at detective work, a gumball-guessing contest, and the town talent show.

where's the big bad wolf?

Christelow, Eileen. Where’s the big bad wolf?
Detective Doggedly, a pair of cows, and a sheep who looks very familiar are all nearby each time three pigs get in trouble, but the big bad wolf is conspicuously absent.

some folks like cats and other poems

Eastwick, Ivy. Some folks like cats and other poems
Lighthearted and humorous poetry about things real and imagined.


Fleischman, Paul. The Dunderheads
When Miss Breakbone confiscates Junkyard's crucial find, Wheels, Pencil, Spider, and the rest of the Dunderheads plot to teach her a lesson.

invited a dragon to dinner

I invited a dragon to dinner: and other poems to make you laugh out loud
A collection of humorous poems about such subjects as pickles, dragons and mothers.

arnie the doughnut

Keller, Laurie. Arnie the doughnut
Arnie the talking doughnut convinces Mr. Bing that not all doughnuts are meant to be eaten.

myron's magic cow

Newman, Marlene. Myron’s magic cow
While performing his most despised chore- running to the store for his mother- Myron acquires a magical cow and makes a special wish.

bad to the bone

Nolan, Lucy A. Bad to the bone
Down Girl, a dog, explains about days protecting her home from the enemy next door and the many ways she tries to properly train her master.

animal crackers fly the coop

O’Malley, Kevin. Animal crackers fly the coop
In this humorous take-off of “The Bremen Town Musicians”, four animals that aspire to make it big as comedians leave their owners and seek their fortunes.

three silly billies

Palatini, Margie. The Three silly billies
The three billy goats, unable to cross a bridge because they cannot pay the toll, form a carpool with The Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood, and Jack of beanstalk fame to get past the rude troll.

dirty cowboy

Timberlake, Amy. The Dirty cowboy
Telling his faithful dog to make sure nobody touches his clothes but him, a cowboy jumps into a river for a bath, not realizing how much the scrubbing will change his scent.

pirate mom

Underwood, Deborah. Pirate Mom
When a hypnotist convinces Pete’s mother that she is a pirate, Pete tries to find a way to turn her back into a regular parent.

have i got a book for you

Watt, Melanie. Have I got a book for you!
Mr. Al Foxword is one persistent salesman! He will try just about every trick of the trade to sell you this book.

Grades 3 - 4
cat who got carried away

Ahlberg, Allan. The Cat who got carried away
It is an exciting couple of days for the Gaskitt family and their community with missing pets, an unusual substitute teacher, and a special addition to their household.

snarf attack

Amato, Mary. Snarf attack, underfoodle, and the secret of life: the Riot brothers tell all
The Riot brothers capture a crook, find a hidden treasure and overthrow a king.

never glue your friends to chairs

Applegate, Katherine. Never glue your friends to chairs
When the first-graders’ bee antennae would not stay on their heads and the drummers would not stay in their seats for the open house play, Roscoe decides to help by using the “don’t-you-dare” glue.

cat on the mat is flat

Griffiths, Andy. The Cat on the mat is flat
A collection of nine humorous stories in rhyme.

hazel green

Hirsch, Odo. Hazel Green.
Enterprising Hazel Green tries to convince the city to allow children to march in the annual Frogg Day parade.


Mason, Simon. The Quigleys
The adventures and misadventures of the four members of the Quigley family.

school! adventures of harvey n. trouble

McMullan, Kate. School! Adventures at the Harvey N.Trouble Elementary School
Each morning, student Ron Faster hurries to his school, where he encounters such staff members as science teacher Ms. Roxanne Pebbles, music instructor Mrs. Doremi Fasollatido, and the resigning janitor Mr. Iquit.

binky the space cat

Spires, Ashley. Binky the space cat
Binky’s blast-off into outer space (outside) to battle aliens (bugs) is delayed when he realizes he’s left something behind

zero to hero

Winkler, Henry and Lin Oliver. Zero to hero
When Billy Broccoli moves to a new house, he discovers he is sharing his room with a ghost named Hoover Porterhouse, who has a sense of humor.

Grades 5 - 6
strange case of origami yoda

Angleberger, Tom. The Strange case of Origami Yoda
Sixth-grader Tommy and his friends describe their interactions with a paper finger puppet of Yoda, worn by their weird classmate Dwight, as they try to figure out if the puppet can really predict the future.

attack of the mutant underwear

Birdseye, Tom. Attack of the mutant underwear
Fifth-grader Cody Carson keeps a journal of his hopes for a fresh start in a town where nobody knows about his humiliating mistakes of the past, but before school even begins so does his embarrassment.

evangeline mudd

Elliott, David. Evangeline Mudd and the golden-haired apes of the Ikkinasti Jungle
When Evangeline’s primatologist parents travel without her to the Ikkinasti Jungle to study the golden-haired apes, she and the world-famous Dr. Aphrodite Pikkaflee are eventually called upon to rescue them.

homework machine

Gutman, Dan. The Homework machine
Four fifth-grade students--a geek, a class clown, a teacher's pet, and a slacker--as well as their teacher and mothers, each relate events surrounding a computer programmed to complete homework assignments.

pepins and their problems

Horvath, Polly. The Pepins and their problems
The reader is invited to help solve the Pepin family’s unusual problems, which include having a cow creating lemonade rather than milk and having to cope with a competitive neighbor.

not just a witch

Ibbotson, Eva. Not just a witch
Determined to be more than just an ordinary witch, Heckie, whose specialty is changing people into animals, settles in a small town determined to use her powers for good purposes.

diary of wimpy kid greg heffley's journal

Kinney, Jeff. Diary of a wimpy kid: Greg Heffley’s journal
Greg recounts his sixth grade experiences in middle school where he and his best friend, Rowley, undersized weaklings amid boys who need to shave twice daily, hope just to survive.

regarding bees

Klise, Kate. Regarding the bees: a lesson, in letters, on honey, dating, and other sticky subjects
The seventh graders at Geyser Creek Middle School are preparing for a spelling bee and a horrible standardized test called the BEE, and try to smuggle their mascot, a bee that spells, into the local spelling competition.

maxx comedy

Korman, Gordon. Maxx Comedy: the funniest kid in America
Eleven-year-old Max Carmody  has wanted to be a stand-up comedian since he was five, so when a contest is held to find the “world’s funniest kid”, he goes through all kinds of craziness to win.

big nate on a roll

Peirce, Lincoln. Big Nate on a roll
Middle-schooler Nate Wright vies against his rival, the "perfect" Artur, to win the grand prize of a customized skateboard in their scout troop contest.

knucklehead tall tales

Scieszka, Jon. Knucklehead: tall tales and mostly true stories of growing up Scieszka
This book is a humorous autobiography about the childhood of children’s author Jon Scieszka and his five brothers.

wizard at work

Vande Velde, Vivian. Wizard at work
A young wizard, who runs a school to teach wizards, looks forward to a quiet summer off but is drawn into adventures with princesses, unicorns and ghosts instead.