Online Resources & eBooks


You can use this tool to find biographies for people - both current and historic - searching by keyword, name, occupation, nationality, ethnicity, birth/death dates, places or gender.
This is an online collection of audio and animated books with the characters from Sesame Street.
Tumblebooks Library is a collection of interactive talking storybooks for children to listen to or read along at their own speed. Play games (memory, puzzles, spelling and more) related to books. Nonfiction books are also available.
  TumbleBookCloud Junior is a collection of vidoes and chapter books in categories which include: ebooks, read-alongs, graphic novels, videos (from National Geographic!), and audio books.
General Research (includes Encyclopedias)
This user-friendly collection from Britannica contains all of the resources that students need for research including encyclopedias (with read-aloud features), atlas, historic timelines, dictionary, and articles about topics in the news. Supplements to the classroom include fun exercises, interactive games and award-winning video.
  Britannica Kids is an entryway to resources created for children and young adults. Search results include encyclopedia articles, media, websites, and media. Merriam-Webster dictionary as well as Spanish translation are available. A Student Center includes many topics to browse.
Grolier Online for Kids is for students to search for encyclopedia articles from Encyclopedia Americana, Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, New Book of Knowledge and Lands and Peoples. These articles are assigned lexile measurement. There is also a "News Now" section as well as teacher lesson plans.
For grades K-5, Kids InfoBits offers curriculum-related, age appropriate, full text content. Readng levels are assigned to each article: "easy" and "more difficult."
For grades K-8, Kids Search by Ebsco offers keyword and subject searching, with some full text options. Images can be specifically searched for. Includes the ability to search specifically in the Funk and Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia and the American Heritage Children's Dictionary. Lexile scores are given for search results.
For grades K-5, Searchasaurus by Ebsco offers keyword and subject searching, with full text option. It includes images and the ability to search by grade level using lexile measurement.
Daily Life through History provides answers to questions about everyday life of people from times past up until the present day. It features information focusing on cultures and social customs of today's world.